Diversifying innovation: How to kick-start a collaboration

Diversifying innovation: How to kick-start a collaboration is a six hour workshop that focuses on one Sustainable Development Goal defined by the trainer/organizer and on how collaborative innovations can help address these complex issues. It aims to connect regional actors to spark potential for collaborative projects around the topic.


This workshop is open to all who:

  • are interested in cross-sectoral and multi stakeholder innovation
  • relate to the solution of complex challenges
  • want to exchange experiences and thoughts about collaboration challenges
  • would like to know inspiring innovation practices in their local networks
  • want to create a professional network to enrich their conceptions and practices of innovation


The workshop addresses the questions of:

  • What is QHC, why is it important and how it comes to life (with examples)
  • How to identify stakeholders and how to collaborate with them
  • Working route to plan and implement a QHC.

Learning outcome

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • recognize the importance and relevance of quadruple helix collaborations (QHC) in innovation
  • describe the crucial aspects for QHC in research and innovation
  • identify relevant examples of QHC in innovation at the local level
  • establish a network of potential partners representing civil society, academia, industry and the public sector
  • propose a QHC in their innovation practice

Find the course materials here.