System constellation on green hydrogen: a social experiment

The Riconfigure project was introduced to the 48 attendees during a system constellation on green hydrogen on September 25th. Nienke Homan (Province of Groningen), Cas König (Groningen Seaports) and Maarten van Dijk (skyNRG) were invited to inspire the participants. The session started with the formulation of the main question, brought in by Nienke Homan: why are we still trying to use old methods and structures to solve the issue of green hydrogen? A constellation like this should
make visible what shifts are needed in the system of actors to boost a green hydrogen economy in the province of Groningen.

Several items like a key, knife, glue and so on were used to represent participants like government, industry, society and topics like fear and hope. During the session the energy shifted from tension to the will to cooperate and also to be joyful about this cooperation. There was special attention for the helix of society, which was constantly in the center of the constellation. The aim of this system constellation was to kick-start an active dialogue where no one holds back and where there are no power or intellectual distances. The outcome was more insights in what government, society and industry need from one another to take the next steps.


Springtij brings different perspectives together

From 24th till 26th September 2020, the Sustainability Springtij Forum 2020 was organized at the Dutch island of Terschelling. This annual event is the most influential meeting point for everyone concerned with the development of a sustainable future in the Netherlands. During three days, over 500 participants cooperated on matters linked to innovation and sustainability. The participants had different backgrounds: there were visionaries, designers, financers, policy makers, scientists, and students. Participants came from all four helixes.