Policy Brief 4.0

Recommendations for policy actors:

  1. Provide specific funding to and require appropriate governance structures for creating multi-actor coalitions and engaging civil society actors throughout the research and innovation process;
  2. Mission agendas, goals and strategies should be defined with diverse actors and societal stakeholders who are willing to participate in the R&I process;
  3. Missions should include civic aspirations, values and goals and avoid focusing predominantly on technology innovation or deployment;
  4. Missions and other R&I constellations should involve all helices throughout the R&I process from mission definition to output, and safeguards must be provided that decisions are made on a democratic and equal footing regardless of Mission agenda ownership or funding contribution;
  5. A balanced view of input and output orientation must be followed to incorporate different types of knowledges and traditions, value orientations and goal aspirations of all helices from the QH model.