Social Lab 3 Public Sector

Social Lab 3 – Austria

Has a public sector perspective and it works with the Austrian Railways, observing and participating in extending open innovation practices to create a new mobility innovation space that involves and engages multiple actors from all four areas of the quadruple helix.

A new ecosystem

The collaboration helps researchers observe and influence the creation of a new innovation ecosystem from its conceptualization and first early steps, including the development of a new corporate level innovation strategy that includes new modes and forms of innovation, such as open innovation or quadruple helix innovation.

A huge public sector partner

Austrian Railways is a publicly owned major corporation with multiple responsibilities, experimenting with new forms of innovation ecosystems while maintaining and managing its very important core business providing efficient public service mobility options for Austria and beyond.

Assist change

The social lab aims at observing and assisting change in order to disrupt traditional forms of technology driven innovation structures, involve and engage new innovation players, create a less top-down and more cooperative and bottom up innovation environment while also maintaining and developing operation excellence and bettering user experience through-out the company and its services. Researchers work together with top management as well as peers in and beyond Austria.

If you want to know more about the project feel free to contact Robert Braun at Institute for Advanced Studies