Advisory Board

Meet our advisory board

  • Elias CARAYANNIS, PhD, MBA, BSCEE. Professor and Director of Research on Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the George Washington University School of Business, Director co-founder of the Entrepreneurial Finance Research Centre (GEFRI). Launched the Quadruple Helix Framework for studying innovation. Currently on building strategic partnerships around innovation. Read interview here.


  • Marina RANGA, PhD and MSc in Science and Technology Policy. Senior Researcher at the Joint Research Centre, Seville, and Associate Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Warsaw School of Management. Previous experiences in innovation research at Stanford and SPRU. Currently focuses on Smart Specialization in Europe.


  • Gerry SALOLE, PhD, MA in Anthropology. Director of the European Foundations Centre. Previous experiences in development work in various organization including UNHCR, Oxfam, and others, specializing on making healthy connections between planning and theory and on-the-ground realities. Currently focuses on research-based advice to private philanthropy.


  • Henrik SØNDERGAARD, MA in Social Sciences and Economics, MBA in Technology and Market Organization. Pipeline Manager at Climate-KIC Nordic. Previous experiences as an advisor in various parts of the energy sector. Currently focuses on the creation of viable business models supporting systems level change towards climate sustainability, specifically around alternative protein sources.