Dialogue Event Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Spain

Bridging Innovation Practice and Policy


Inclusive and open forms of innovation are heralded as a way to face major local and global challenges by creating knowledge through collaborations with diverse sets of actors. The concept of Quadruple Helix emphasizes the active involvement of actors from academia, industry, public sector and civil society, in innovation collaborations and thereby adds a dimension of democracy. The claim for involving civil society along the innovation process aligns with ambitions for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Collaboration across sectors

The RiConfigure research project explores and actively supports initiatives and projects that follow these kinds of non-linear innovation models and aims at making collaborations across sectors thrive and overcome potential collaborative challenges.

This workshop will bring together innovation practice and policy in order to debate ways to foster inclusive innovation ecosystems across Europe and beyond. It aims at linking policymakers and innovation practitioners in order to exchange experiences with inclusive innovation, to find ways to support each other and to diversify the cast of actors involved in innovation. It is a dialogue event that includes representatives and participants of leading innovation practitioners’ projects, platforms and networks, as well as with coordinators and members of public sector governance bodies and networks related to innovation policy, with the aim of:


  • knowledge sharing concerning initiatives and experiences of the participants;
  • developing ideas for solidifying and advancing emerging forms of inclusive innovation;
  • facilitating critical discussion of the findings of RiConfigure.

Contact –

Johannes Starkbaum

Matilde Trevisani