Springtij Forum 2020

During the last weekend of September the yearly sustainability forum Springtij will take place on the island of Terschelling. For three days government, NGOs, industry and society will focus on sustainability issues. Knowledge is transferred, recommendations are formulated and urgent topics are addressed.

Because of its open and informal character the Springtij forum is the perfect place to yield insights in how different actors feel about innovation. A good example is the system constellation on the plans for a green hydrogen economy in the province of Groningen.

The aim of this system constellation is to kick-start an active dialogue where no one holds back and where there are no power or intellectual distances. This dialogue starts at the sessions on Springtij and is expected to yield more conversations and feelings afterwards. The results of this system constellation in which industry, government, knowledge institutions and civil society share their opinions and emotions on innovation will be part of the Riconfigure project.

Visit the Springtij website here.