Collaborations are influenced by external factors

Cross-sectoral collaboration is dependent on the communal environment

November 5th, the Colombian social lab convened for its second panel meeting in Bogotá. At the meeting, the participants discussed how to identify relevant stakeholders, collaboration challenges, and external factors that may affect their projects.

To kickstart this discussion, María Villaveces, ACAC’s CEO, held an introductory presentation on cross-sectoral collaborations in quadruple helix constellations, its importance to responsible research and innovation, and how ACAC can support these collaboration processes.

Afterward, the participants presented their respective collaboration challenges and how they deal with them by applying what they have learned through the past intervention period of the social lab cycle. This was complemented by a presentation by Luisa María Barbosa from Universitat Pompeu Fabra on governance tools, e.g. the stakeholders’ identification map and the methods of the action catalogue website, which showed to be enriching for the participants’ different collaboration strategies.

Finally, the day concluded with a workshop on next steps resulting in actual action plans for how to improve collaboration issues including: Adding more community actors to the projects, raising the awareness of environmental actions to make projects more sustainable, and creating new courses for community members in order to improve their projects’ dynamics.