Inclusion is key to successful energy transition


The values of different stakeholder groups are important to the development of hydrogen technology

In the past couple of months, Wageningen University has participated in a variety of meetings with stakeholders in social lab 3 focusing on the hydrogen economy. These meetings took place in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen, Zeeland, and Chemelot. In partnership with Gigawatt project at ISPT, Wageningen researchers organized stakeholder analysis meetings and discussions around the social and ethical values related to the upscaling of hydrogen technology. As a new promising technology, hydrogen touches upon the entire spectrum of stakeholders from policy to society and from industry to research. However, the advantages of hydrogen are not self-evident and the stakeholders agree that the values of all stakeholder groups need to be taken into consideration in order to make sure that green hydrogen (i.e., hydrogen made with green energy) positively affects our energy transition instead of becoming a mere hype. Participants shared ideas on how this can be achieved and were pleased to get an opportunity to switch from the ‘hard’ discussions of technical challenges to the ‘soft’ discussions of social challenges.